Professional Tours and Lectures


I specialise on geopolitical study tours and field briefings all over Israel and Palestine, with a strong focus on Jerusalem. My vision is to provide an experience that has an added value by studying the conflict on the ground and gaining a first-hand insight into the local aspects of the conflict. This is why my tours provide historical and cultural narratives combined with direct encounters with Israelis, Palestinians, their stories and physical environment.

Customised Tours

In general, my tours are custom-made and are specially adapted to the needs and interest of every client. Here are the fields and subjects that I specialize on and that can be incorporated into tours:

      • Geopolitics of East Jerusalem: Introduction into the “Jerusalem issue”, Jewish and Palestinian neighbourhoods, the separation between them and possible political solutions
      • Shared and Contested Holy Sites: Temple Mount/al-Aqsa (al-Haram al-Sharif), the Old City of Jerusalem, Church of Nativity (Bethlehem), Tomb of the Patriarchs/al-Ibrahimi Mosque (Hebron), Church of the Annunciation (Nazareth), etc; additionally I offer interreligious and intercultural encounters in the Holy Land
      • West Bank: Israeli settlements and Palestinian towns, Area A, B and C, Hebron’s H1 and H2 neighbourhoods

      • Minorities in Israel: Israeli Arabs, mixed cities, Arabs and Jews in the Galilee, Bedouins in the Negev (authorised and non-authorised villages)

My Clients

My tours are suitable for anyone who wished to gain a better understanding and in-depth insight into the different issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. My clients make up a diverse crowd, including universities, think tanks, civil society organisations, religious leaders, state officials and diplomats from Israel, Palestine and around the world. I also work with educational programs for youth and adults and intercultural as well as interreligious groups. Among my clients are leading local, regional and international institutions.

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